How to Take Care of Eyelashes After Extensions

Time: 2019-06-05
Summary: Maintenance of eyelashes
       Here’s what you should be doing to make your eyelash extensions last longer. Depending on how fast your lashes grow out, aim for your extensions to last three weeks, if possible.
1. Sleep On Your Back:Sleeping On Your Back to Care for Your Eyelashes After Extensions.
2. No Direct Contact with Water or Steam for 48 Hours:A second tip to care for your eyelashes after extensions is allowing the glue (adhesive) to dry from your extensions for 48 hours. If your eyelashes are “disturbed” or “exposed to water”, they will fall out earlier.
3Use Coating Sealant, Not Mascara::There is a likely chance most mascaras will cause your eyelash extensions to clump and stick together. And your new lash extensions will fall out when they are stuck together. The best method to care for your eyelashes after extensions is to wear a coating sealant because it will protect the “bonding of glue” so your extensions do not become unattached. In addition, a coating sealant is recommended over mascara as it will add “shine, gloss, and depth” to your extensions. 
4.  Makeup Removal: Don’t Use Oily Removers::When removing any eye makeup, you have on your eyelids and lash extensions, care for your eyelashes after extensions by using a makeup remover that is oil free and for sensitive skin. Oil can loosen the bond of the glue adhering your extensions to your natural lashes.Gently go over your eyes with eye makeup remover on a cotton round or remove your eye makeup with gentle eye makeup remover wipes. Never place makeup remover cotton balls or rounds on your eyes to sit as they will weaken the glue used for your extensions. They may also cause cotton fibers to intertwine with your lash extensions.
5. Avoid Waterproof or Oil Containing Eye Makeup Products :While some people will say using a drop of baby oil keeps your eyelash extensions healthy, I would stay away from ‘oils’ altogether so as not to weaken the glue your eyelash technician used before two and a half to three weeks are up. This includes using eye makeup products or removers with oils in them.
6. Don’t Play with Your Extensions:Avoid playing with them and twisting the extensions your eyelash technician has placed on your lashes. Even if an individual extension appears as if it might be falling off, do not twist, tug, or pull on it. Leave that loose single extension be, or you could be pulling and twisting out your natural eyelashes.
6. Replace Your Eyelash Extensions:The above tips can help you care for your eyelashes after extensions by helping them to last longer. Nevertheless, each person also has their eyelash growth cycle. Your eyelashes will naturally grow out and be lost during this period. You may be lucky, and your extensions will last three weeks. But if your extensions are looking and feeling uncomfortable after two to two and a half weeks, you need to have your eyelash extensions replaced.You will learn to know your eyelash growth cycle and how often you need to have your extensions redone. It is also wise to have your extensions removed every few months to let your natural lashes grow in stronger and thicker. This will aid you in avoiding bald patches on your natural eyelashes.


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